From an Intern’s first day to graduation day, there are a million different factors that influence getting there.

The one that matters most is YOU. You making the decision to help Interns like Eric show up to Reconcile hoping to chase their dreams.  But without your support, they can’t get there.

For #GivingTuesday give the best gift there is – the gift of experiencing a graduation.  Your donation funds essential services like counseling, food security, teachers and trainers that all influence the likelihood an Intern has to completing Reconcile’s program.  Services like these change an Intern’s outcome from being left behind to being a graduate.

So this holiday season, what’s the gift you want to see under your  tree?  Is it one that fits in a box?  Or is it something so big, so powerful and so audacious, it changes a life.

Send your 2019 year end gift to Reconcile today.

P.S.  Join us today, Tuesday, December 3 at 5:30 p.m. for this evening’s Graduation and meet the Interns you’re helping to turn into graduates.