Alumni Highlight: Densel Adams

Densel, the lead sauté cook at Galatoire’s, is just one example of a Reconcile Graduate giving back to Café Reconcile. For the past two years, Densel has maintained a job at Galatoire’s while also mentoring Reconcile Students as a graduate trainer in our café. Densel’s commitment to sharing her experiences and providing encouragement to students speaks volumes about her dedication to helping youth grow personally and professionally:

“A week after my graduation I came back to Reconcile because I liked it so much and wanted to help bring people from where they are, which is similar to where I was, and to show them that they can do more. That’s why I’m still here.”

Graduate trainers at Café Reconcile are the heart and soul of the café. Supporters like you allow our trainers to continue to provide guidance to our youth. Make a gift today to help Reconcile continue to provide workforce development training and support services to 100 youth each year.