Alumni Like Fred Smooth Need Your Help

Thanks to your support, our young people are receiving the help they need.

It has been a busy two weeks at Reconcile, but thanks to your support of the Now More Than Ever campaign, our young people are receiving the help they need (see infographic).

“Now more than ever, we need each other. We need to come together, stay safe, stay positive, and just believe.”

2017 Reconcile Alumnus Fred Smooth

This is a powerful reminder from a young man YOU helped.

Fred Smooth graduated in 2017 from Reconcile New Orleans (RNO). He was working at a local juice bar preparing salads, struggling to find his next move, when he applied to RNO. “Reconcile was life-changing! I was drawn to it because of my sister, who also graduated from Reconcile. At Reconcile I learned so much, not just from the working standpoint, but everyday life lessons. I say the standards that they follow—being on time and being prepared—they prepare you for everyday life. From the people I met there—from Mr. O and Ms. G to Gerald, Chef Joe, and Chef Eugene—picking their brains every day I was there, it was just awesome. I still visit from time to time just to see those people, because they have a major impact on my life.”

2017 Reconcile alumnus Fred Smooth with his daughter Xylo

Since 2017, Fred and his sister have successfully supported themselves working their way up the ladder at The Roosevelt Hotel. He’s earned awards, developed strong professional relationships – he had a future and a path forward in life; five to 10 years from now, he has the goal of being a manager or co-owner of a restaurant.

All of that has come to a halt. Today he is unemployed, trying to support himself and his family. The father of a 1-year-old girl, Fred received one of the $75 gift cards Reconcile distributed last week. He used the funds for immediate needs such as food, diapers, and other necessities for his baby girl.

Today, Alumni like Fred need your help.

You can ensure our young people have the resources and help they need to make it through this difficult time. Reconcile’s Now More Than Ever Campaign is providing direct assistance to our Alumni through gift cards, mental health services, and remote case management that ensures they’re getting access to all the community resources available to them. 

Our young people need us now, and they are looking to you for help. As Fred said, “Now more than ever, we need each other. We need to come together, stay safe, stay positive, and just believe. Let’s focus on the solution and not the problem. We are bigger than this Coronavirus.”

We are, indeed, bigger than Coronavirus. Together, we are Reconcile. Will you help?