Alumni Like Jeff Count on Reconcile

“I need to follow up with the Reconcile program team on budgeting, saving, and investing in my event business.” 

-Jeff, 2005 Reconcile Alumnus, said after Tuesday’s Zoom Alumni Workshop

Much more than a Café, a safe place to communicate and learn…this is one of the many reasons that Reconcile exists. 

Jeff was a Reconcile Intern in 2005. He then worked for Reconcile, employed as alumni coordinator and front-of-house manager, giving back to those who were going through the same challenges that he had overcome just months before.

Today, Jeff is faced with new challenges. Being unemployed right now, he aims to reboot his workforce training and life skills in order to help himself and others

After Tuesday’s Zoom Alumni Workshop on Budgeting and Life Skills, however, Jeff was reminded that he does not have to do this alone. Reconcile is here for him and many other men and women just like him. He has always counted on Reconcile as a resource, but now more than ever, Jeff counts on Reconcile as a safe place to map out his pathway to purpose in budgeting his time and money. And the work does not stop because the Program Staff is just two weeks into its 5-week series of Zoom Alumni Workshops—refresher courses for alumni on the transferable skills necessary to restart their professional lives. 

By the end of the workshop, you could tell that Jeff was motivated, not only to save money each week for his family but also to save long-term for his event business. 

The pandemic has re-framed the way people seek out job opportunities. Being unemployed for three months has made it more difficult for Reconcile alumni to put their foot in the door of new professions. 

Most jobs are posted online, creating a digital divide and multiple barriers of technology that Jeff and others have to navigate. Your support helps Reconcile alumni like Jeff leap over those barriers and chase their dreams.