Alumni Like Reneil Brooks Are Hungry for Hope

 Now More Than Ever Campaign
This is the campaign that has been and will continue providing remote case management services to our hungry Reconcile alumni during the COVID-19 shutdown. No, they are not just hungry for food. They’re hungry for work, hungry for motivation, hungry for physical health, mental and emotional guidance…and now more than ever, they are hungry for hope.

Hungry for work, among the 94 alumni unemployed due to COVID-19, is 2013 graduate Reneil Brooks.

“I went from almost having two sources of income to having none.”

Reneil Brooks, 2013 Reconcile Alumnus

In 2019, after grilling the best burgers you’ll eat at Three B’s in Lakeview, Reneil wanted more for the year 2020. He wanted more for his two children, a three-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy. He wanted to grow, hoping to be promoted to lead line cook or sous chef. He accepted a steady full-time job at Oceana Grill in January of 2020. In March of 2020, he was ready for more. He called his former employer at Kingfish, a Creole cuisine in the French Quarter, with whom he maintained good rapport. Reneil’s hope was to move back to a full-time job at Kingfish while working part-time and weekend shifts at Oceana. The day he was scheduled to interview for the Kingfish position…he used Reconcile best practices—dressed well, came prepared, and arrived on time only to see a sign on the door that the restaurant was closed…it was the first day of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Reneil’s counselor is our very own mental health manager, Onassis Jones. The two men have remained friends over the years, a bond that started back in 2013 and grew even stronger in 2017.

In 2017, Onassis drove me to the hospital so I could witness the birth of my daughter. That’s when I really knew Reconcile was my family.

Reconcile’s Now More Than Ever (NMTE) campaign has helped Alumni like Reneil receive $75 gift cards and hot meals for their families to bridge these financially difficult times. These events, only possible with your generosity, allow us to start the remote case management process!

Small or large, via Facebook or the Donate page, please consider a gift to Reconcile’s Client Assistance Fund and help us reach our goal for the NMTE campaign.

We are bigger than Coronavirus. Together, we are Reconcile. Will you help?