When prospective Interns walk through the doors of Reconcile, they begin to see how their dreams can become reality with the support of a dedicated staff who believes in their potential. Anthony received an invite from a friend to attend Reconcile’s Open House. 

“Attending Reconcile’s Open House, I immediately began to see a world of opportunities that would lead me to a better future.”  – Anthony

To reach young adults interested in all career pathways, Reconcile’s workforce development program goes beyond the scope of just restaurant and hospitality skills. The program is designed for Interns like Anthony to take the time needed to carefully build out the next steps of their professional and personal development. As a Tier 2 Intern, Anthony is attending workshops led by Trainer Advocates and Career Coaches that allow him the opportunity to earn:

Industry-Recognized Credentials

Career Exploration and Coaching Sessions

Communication Proficiency

Foundational Life Skills

 Anthony plans to have a career as a Game Developer. He believes that learning how to cook applies to more than just food. As he learns how to follow steps to cook dishes from scratch he relates that experience to building software using coding techniques. 

Reconcile works with what you have and provides you with the things you need to help you be successful in life. – Anthony

Donors like you can ensure Anthony and his fellow Interns have all the resources needed for an exceptional training experience. When you donate, you inspire the next generation of young professionals in our community.

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