A Reconcile Intern’s eyes can be opened to a world of opportunities! Asia was searching for an Internship that would give her a higher level of experience in the restaurant industry and help her reach her goal of being an Executive Chef when she heard about Reconcile. 

“My passion for cooking began in Middle School when I participated in an Iron Chef workshop. It was there I realized that I wanted to be an Executive Chef.”

Reconcile was ready to support her in that dream. Since starting in May, she has already soared to new heights and is now a Tier 2 Intern.  You can see her in action working in the Café experiencing different roles in the hospitality industry.

Asia has already earned her ServSafe certification industry credential. Now she’s using the skills taught by Trainer Advocates in the kitchen to prepare meals for our restaurant guests. At Reconcile, Asia has what she calls a “space of comfort.” 

“Problems I may have disappear when I enter the doors of Reconcile. Since I’ve been here they have taught be a sense of self awareness, life skills, and helped me to communicate more effectively in the workplace. Everyone should experience being an Intern at Reconcile.” –  Asia