“I Chose Reconcile Because…”

Reconcile exists to help those who are seeking change…when hope is not always there.

Thanks to YOU, Reconcile’s 2020 Class 3 Interns are seeking more than just change. Through your support, Interns are tackling all the same valuable life skills and workforce training offered to the young people who came before them. After just two short weeks, Interns are jumping into the workflow of the Café. Their recipe is 1) Set a Goal, 2) Do the Work, and 3) Chase Your Dream.

Reconcile is a safe space for young people to practice both foundational and culinary skills. Our family atmosphere also allows them to open up, breathe easy, and reflect peacefully on their goals. And in the blink of an eye, they are doing the work! 

What makes Reconcile great is that we don’t tell our Interns what to do. With care and sensitivity, we support them through their decision-making process.

New Interns like Missy and Larenzo are setting a precedent for future Interns that will follow in their footsteps — never giving up and taking advantage of the opportunities in front of them.

Your support has created the resources to modify Reconcile’s occupational training to be pandemic-safe. Your help has purchased plexi-glass barriers, PPE, and Chromebooks to improve technological learning. 

Thanks to you, Reconcile Interns can set goals, do the work, and, with your help, CHASE DREAMS!

Will you be there for them?  
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Restaurant Week Menu 2020

Reconcile Family Seizes the Moment in 2020

Seizing the Moment | Sept. 23, 2020

A dining experience that tells a story, feeds the soul, and fuels inspiration for tomorrow.

Presented by: Chef Susan Spicer
Featuring: Hendrick’s Gin (Jorge Lauriano)

Seizing the Moment is hosted in partnership with the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience.

New Menu – October 2020

2 By 2, You’re Creating Opportunities

Edwin and Cardell, 2011 and 2008 Reconcile graduates, just completed a carpentry apprenticeship training at Delgado Community College (DCC) and have been working for more than a month now.

Onassis Jones, Reconcile mental health manager and our Alumni’s #1 fan, was there to celebrate Edwin’s and Cardell’s great accomplishment. Both Edwin and Cardell were quick to thank the Reconcile Programming Team for providing the opportunity. However it is YOUR support that gave Edwin and Cardell the chance to hone existing skills, learn new skills, and discover industries beyond hospitality.

Reconcile encouraged Alumni to take a 2-week carpentry training class at DCC’s manufacturing center. Edwin and Cardell were the first to jump on the opportunity. They not only learned about the physical carpentry tools, but they also gained the professional skills necessary to succeed in many production and project-managed industries.

First, Edwin and Cardell learned how to read measurements with the tape measures, which they said wasn’t hard at all. Next, the instructor introduced them to a few tools—jigsaw, chop-saw, flush cutter, pry bar, and molding tools—just to name a few.

They also succeeded in the forklift training. The certificates received after training were OSHA-10, Forklift Operator, and a Carpentry Assistant completion diploma!

“I can say the scariest thing about the entire situation was coming from the hospitality industry and never having worked in construction.”


The Reconcile program team is helping alumni recognize that the skills they have learned and practiced as Interns at Café Reconcile translate in a variety of workplaces and industries, presenting new opportunities and a fresh outlook for a promising future.

“Reconcile has been very helpful to me throughout the whole experience. Someone is always there to answer my calls and help me with whatever questions I had about the class or any other topic unrelated to the class, just about life and work in general. Thank you, Cafe Reconcile, for the great learning experience. I loved everything about it.”


Edwin and Cardell are just two of the hundreds of Alumni who need an opportunity to chase dreams and realize their potential. Our program team provides the opportunities.

YOU create these opportunities.

Can you help create another new opportunity today?

Rock the Vote on Tuesday, Sept. 22

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2020 Alumni Wellness Gatherings

Please email Onassis Jones at ojones@cafereconcile.org or Kyle DeMerlis at kdemerlis@cafereconcile.org if you plan to attend the next event or any of the sessions listed on the flyer below!

Gloria: From Hospitality to Hospital

This is Gloria, 2015 Reconcile Alumna, in her Ochsner uniform on her first day as a PCT.

PCT stands for Patient Care Technician. Everyday, Gloria puts into practice the Reconcile skills that Interns learn, and Alumni display, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Patient. Gloria was patient in her search for new job opportunities. Because of you, she learned patience and persistence at Reconcile, continuing to work on a project until it was done right.

Care. Gloria’s passion to care for others helped her transition hospitality skills to a career in healthcare.Technician. Gloria used the foundational techniques learned at Reconcile to navigate new skills in a new industry. These are the skills that our Interns are learning today.

This is Gloria. Despite being tired after her overnight shifts, Gloria remains motivated to put food on the table for her 8-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. She credits Reconcile and the New Orleans Career Center (NOCC) for helping her find a job and set a precedent for other Alumni who follow her.

Reconcile’s Program Team partnered with NOCC and its key stakeholders Ocshner and Entergy, who design, develop, and launch programs that change the lives of our young people.

Many of our Alumni are out of work for more than five months now and still struggling to make ends meet. In a tight job market, they worry about their children going to bed on an empty stomach.

Gifts from donors like you help Reconcile fuel hope for our Interns and Alumni who are actively seeking opportunity for themselves and their families.

Will you join Alumni like Gloria on their pathway to purpose?

With your support and care, more stories like Gloria’s can come true.

Seizing the Moment Dinner – Sept. 23, 2020

Seizing the Moment Dinner Series Event Benefiting Cafe’ Reconcile

Join us for a dynamic four course meal perfectly paired with cocktails featuring Hendrick’s Gin.

About this Event:

Reconcile New Orleans’ Seizing the Moment Dinner event will create a spirit of hope and opportunity. Celebrate the promise of new beginnings for Reconcile Interns on a journey to fulfill their dreams.

Join us for a dynamic four course meal perfectly paired with cocktails featuring Hendrick’s Gin —  a distinctive gin with a delightful palette of 11 botanicals and curious infusion of rose petal and cucumber.

We will practice all health protocols to ensure a safe and memorable dinner event.

Tables of 2, 4 and 6 are available.

Seizing the Moment is hosted in partnership with the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience.