When prospective Interns walk through the doors of Reconcile, they begin to see how their dreams can become a reality with the support of their community who believes in their potential. Ethan learned about Reconcile and knew this was the place that would help him reach his goals.

“I came to Reconcile to secure a pathway of opportunities for me personally and professionally.”  – Ethan

To reach young adults interested in all career pathways, Reconcile’s workforce development program goes beyond the scope of just restaurant and hospitality skills. Reconcile provides a foundation for Interns like Ethan to take the time needed to carefully build out the next steps of their professional and personal development. As a Tier 2 Intern, Ethan is work on:

Industry-Recognized Credentials

Career Exploration and Coaching Sessions

Communication Proficiency

Foundational Life Skills

“Reconcile is a blessing all the way around. I’m earning a stipend to help me save so I can live on my own, creating a business plan, and learning about careers that I can not only earn a living wage but also love the organization I will be employed with in the future.”  – Ethan

Each time a donation is made to Reconcile,  Interns are pushed closer to reaching their goals. Community support ensures Ethan and his fellow Interns have all the resources needed for an exceptional training experience.

“At Reconcile, you don’t just have to be passionate about cooking. Anything that you want to accomplish in life, Reconcile will connect you to your passion.” – Ethan