Time is a precious commodity.  It gives us space to grow, the chance to learn new things, the opportunity to explore different possibilities.

As you reflect back on the past year, how did you use your time?

Café Reconcile had 90 young people dedicate 8-weeks of their time to learning new skills, working through tough decisions, and paving a different path forward in life.  It was hard work but they did it thanks to supporters like you.

Your donation makes sure that Reconcile Interns have:

  •      two meals a day
  •      a new work uniform
  •      help accessing medical and dental care
  •      workshops on managing personal finances

Make the most of the time you have left this year.  A donation today funds the first cohort of 2020.  And if you make your gift before year end, a generous long-time donor will match it dollar for dollar up to $25,000.

Your help gives Interns the time they need to grow. Every minute counts when you’re chasing your dreams.

Send your 2019 year end gift to Reconcile today.