GiveNOLA Day for Alumni Like Ronné

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Alumni like Ronné are defining a new normal and looking for a silver lining.

Living in a homeless shelter and working at Oceana Grill, 2019 Reconcile alumnus Ronné was trying her best to level up. A mother to a newborn baby boy, Ronné heard about Reconcile’s workforce training program and decided to check out the website.

Like many interns during their 8-week program, Ronné faced challenges that were rooted beyond the walls of Reconcile’s building. But our social worker Kendra Parson was there to help her through it, just as she is today.

Reconcile front-of-house manager Glenda Rhode-Pausina, affectionately known as “Mrs. G.” was there for inspiration, encouraging her to chase her dreams, just as she is today.

One of her dreams, besides the obvious dream of wanting to do better for her family, is to own a catering business. Her passion to cook is part of her identity, but Reconcile also taught her the work ethic and accountability that comes with managing a business.

Something she was not prepared for, and something that no one could have prepared for, is a global pandemic.

Despite losing both of her jobs, at Palace Café and Emeril’s NOLA, Ronné has not stopped working. She has used the past two months to work on things outside her normal lifestyle. “I wouldn’t even have the time or energy to start writing down business ideas if it wasn’t for Reconcile and people like Kendra being there for me during this time,” she said.

With the help of Reconcile’s client distribution grants and weekly Meals of Hope, she and her little boy are getting by during a difficult time.

“Coming into each day with a good attitude is a skill I learned at Reconcile…helps me deal with conflicts at work.”

Ronné, 2019 Reconcile Alumnus

Phone calls and texts? Answered. Counseling sessions? Scheduled.
Providing support and encouragement to Alumni? Every single day!

We were able to help Ronné and many other Alumni in different and difficult situations. Today, they need your help to continue their search for a silver lining. 

GiveNOLA Day is the way that you can support alumni like Ronné.

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