Gloria: From Hospitality to Hospital

This is Gloria, 2015 Reconcile Alumna, in her Ochsner uniform on her first day as a PCT.

PCT stands for Patient Care Technician. Everyday, Gloria puts into practice the Reconcile skills that Interns learn, and Alumni display, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Patient. Gloria was patient in her search for new job opportunities. Because of you, she learned patience and persistence at Reconcile, continuing to work on a project until it was done right.

Care. Gloria’s passion to care for others helped her transition hospitality skills to a career in healthcare.Technician. Gloria used the foundational techniques learned at Reconcile to navigate new skills in a new industry. These are the skills that our Interns are learning today.

This is Gloria. Despite being tired after her overnight shifts, Gloria remains motivated to put food on the table for her 8-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. She credits Reconcile and the New Orleans Career Center (NOCC) for helping her find a job and set a precedent for other Alumni who follow her.

Reconcile’s Program Team partnered with NOCC and its key stakeholders Ocshner and Entergy, who design, develop, and launch programs that change the lives of our young people.

Many of our Alumni are out of work for more than five months now and still struggling to make ends meet. In a tight job market, they worry about their children going to bed on an empty stomach.

Gifts from donors like you help Reconcile fuel hope for our Interns and Alumni who are actively seeking opportunity for themselves and their families.

Will you join Alumni like Gloria on their pathway to purpose?

With your support and care, more stories like Gloria’s can come true.