Through your support, Reconcile provides an opportunity for Interns to jumpstart their career with the skills needed to enter the workforce as young professionals.  Iryone(pronounced I-re-an) was inspired by the mission of Reconcile to enroll in the workforce development program. 

“I love that Reconcile is helping me get a full experience of the hospitality field with training in front and back of house.” 


Open House provided Iryone with an opportunity to see first hand the benefit Reconcile would have in her personal and professional life. Each time you choose to donate to Reconcile, you are providing an opportunity for Interns like Iryone to receive:

 A Competitive Stipend

Occupational Skills Training 

Daily Meals


At Reconcile, Interns have a willingness to enhance their professional skillsets. Your commitment to Reconcile makes it possible for Reconcile Trainer Advocates to facilitate workshops that enables Interns to take what they are learning in the classroom and apply it in real-world applications. 

“It doesn’t matter if you start off big or small, Reconcile is a place that sets you up to make a power move professionally. I’m excited about my career goals. I see myself one day becoming a Pastry Chef or leading Front of House as a Waitress.”

– Iryone