It takes guts to chase your dreams, to change your life. You know why?

Because chasing dreams is hard. And it’s even harder when you have hurdles to cross just to show up.

Every day, Reconcile’s doors open at 7AM so young people have a chance to chase their dreams. But to do that, they need your help.

When Interns and Alumni walk through the front door, they’ve faced challenges just to show up. Did their childcare work out? Did their car break down again? Did they get enough sleep after working a night shift to pay bills?

Life doesn’t stop just because you want to chase your dreams.

But you can make it easier for them to get there. The question is how?

Your donation can open the doors of opportunity for our young people. Your gift provides a place to get connected, a slew of services that remove challenges, a space to figure out a path forward.

So check your gut. Does it tell you this feels right?

If you think it takes guts to chase dreams, make your 2019 year end gift to Reconcile today.