Meet Kierstin: Taking Safe Risks, Navigating the Pandemic One Day at a Time

Because of supporters like you, Reconcile’s Mindfulness and Mental Health programming is helping Alumni like Kierstin feel confident in taking safe risks. For our Alumni who are navigating uncertain times, these virtual workshops assist them with identifying transferable skills for current job opportunities, keep their professional skills sharp, and improve their sense of resilience, self-worth, and emotional health.

When Kierstin started at Reconcile in 2014, she lacked confidence. “I’ve always had a passion for working in the field, but I was afraid to be left alone taking orders from guests, I was shy, and I kept to myself,” she said

Months after she graduated from the program, Kierstin had the privilege of returning as a trainer. “That was definitely something I didn’t think I had in me, but I was so thankful for the challenge because now I know how to work through busy, tough shifts!”

In the next five years, Kierstin hopes to start a catering business, but in order to get there she needs to finish school—a big financial risk. “The Zoom workshop motivated me to be more persistent and earn a degree no matter how hard it gets.”

You help Alumni like Kierstin use the transferable skills they learned at Reconcile and apply them to a wide range of industries. You help them take risks, chase dreams, and seek help to succeed in a constantly changing workforce both physically and mentally.

Will you take a risk for our young people?

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