Meet Mynique: Alumni to Employee

“I wouldn’t trade my job for anything, and I know for a fact I want to go to college next year.”

Hi, my name is Mynique Williams. I’m a 2019 Alumna, and I’m now an employee. I work here as a cashier. I came here in 2019, a regular girl who just needed a little help. I wanted a better look at the culinary and hospitality industry. I graduated and then got a great job, a higher paying job, saved up some money, and got my own apartment. Now working here as an employee, I love it. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. I love working at Café Reconcile. It’s just like a family here.

Mynique started learning new ways to cope with the pandemic. She reads, she paints, and she finds new ways to overcome “that everyday pressure, that everyday stress,” as she puts it. Like her fellow Alumni, Mynique turns to Reconcile for career advice.

Your support makes these conversations possible. You help our program team provide social services and even Mental Wellness sessions like art/music therapy for Alumni to ease their mind. You create opportunities for Reconcile young people to overcome that everyday pressure and focus forward.

You’ll probably see Mynique when you first walk in the door, at the cashier station. Her warm presence is felt by everyone who comes through the building, even when you can’t see her ear-to-ear smile behind her Reconcile mask.

Mynique also has a keen eye for generosity; she appreciates the humble donors and diners who impact today’s Interns and Young Alumni. “We’re always grateful for the donations. When you come to Reconcile, you look around and see the pictures and the students. It gives you more of a feel of what goes on here. It makes you want to give back and be a part of Reconcile. Just a small donation helps us…every day,” she added.

Your donations create field experiences and site visits to inspire young people on their journey. From these experiences, Mynique is now working two jobs, pursuing college, and chasing her dream — a career in healthcare.

We need to make sure Alumni who still find themselves unemployed due to the pandemic, turning to Reconcile for help, have the same opportunities. Will you make a difference for young people like Mynique?