Our Civic Duty: Reconcile Closed on Election Day

Practicing Our Civic Duty
Reconcile to Close Election Day, Tuesday, November 3

To become a more racially equitable organization, Reconcile will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3, for Election Day. Closing the building will ensure all staff have the opportunity to vote and practice their civic duty.

A team of staff and alumni – who’ve tackled their own voting first – will spend the day volunteering at various voting centers, passing out food and water to locations that will certainly have long lines and anxious voters engaged in their civic process.

The decision to close is an easy one. Reconcile is one team and one heartbeat. As a workforce development organization that makes professional development a priority, we have made it a point to open our eyes to the conflicted world around us. Staff have been working with racial equity consultant Claire Minson, Founder & Principal at Sandra Grace, LLC and Vera Foundation to understand how race, the workforce, and elections impact our community. 

A key take away?  Hourly workers, many of which have more than one job to make ends meet, often don’t vote for fear of not making their shift on time. Many of Reconcile’s young people work hourly jobs to support their families. By closing our doors on Election Day, Reconcile wants to show the community that we believe voting matters. Giving employees the opportunity to vote without concern of losing their job is important. This election season, we have helped Alumni get registered to vote and tomorrow we will support our community while they are out in action. 

The Café will be back up and running Wednesday through Friday. Stop by to enjoy a tasty meal and meet our current cohort of Interns to ask them what voting felt like on Election Day. 

Most importantly, we invite you to join Reconcile New Orleans on Tuesday to practice your civic duty and vote!