COVID-19 Helpful Resources
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Our First Priority: The Young People We Serve

Reconcile is providing remote case management services to understand the critical needs of our Alumni and Interns. Our goal is to safely continue delivering our mission to address our young people’s needs as quickly as possible but in a safe manner.

Program Hotline

Many of Reconcile’s Alumni are employed by the hospitality industry and will feel the effects of the statewide closure. Our team is reaching out, keeping our communication lines open, and ensuring they know we are here to help them get through this experience. Interns and Alumni in need of support should call our Program Hotline number: 504-934-1642.

Client Assistance Fund

To help our young people, consider a donation to our Client Assistance Fund. Your contribution will go directly back into help our young people navigate this challenging time. We expect the demand for these supports will increase in the coming weeks. Our young people need you to show up so they know they aren’t alone. Help us build a safety net of hope and love by donating to Reconcile’s Client Assistance Fund today.