Pay What You Can Day is Tuesday, February 11!

On Pay What You Can Day, Tuesday, February 11 from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Café Reconcile patrons are invited to dine and pay whatever amount they can spare for their first plate. Additional plates are $10/plate.

A special lunch menu will be served including:

  • Fried catfish served with mac and cheese, green peas, or
  • Jerk chicken quarter served with mac and cheese, green peas
  • Carnival salad (salad greens with golden raisins, purple cabbage, walnuts, and a blood orange dressing)
  • King Cake bread pudding

Everyone deserves the opportunity to dine with dignity, to be treated with hospitality, and to enjoy a meal. Reconcile’s quarterly Pay What You Can Day allows Reconcile interns and staff members to use their craft for good and demonstrate the true meaning of hospitality — offering their talents in service of others.

Pay What You Can Day is an opportunity for the community to see Café Reconcile in action and learn more about Reconcile New Orleans’ mission – to transform the lives of young adults by encouraging personal growth, providing workforce development and training, and equipping young people with the tools to achieve their potential.

“If we take the time and initiative to feed and nurture our young people, we also need to feed and nurture the communities that surround them and Café Reconcile,” said Gerald Duhon, Cafe’ Reconcile executive director.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Pay What You Can Day at Cafe’ Reconcile!