Class 5, 2017

Briana Student Class 5

Briana is one of our wonderful students from Class 5!

How would you say we’ve helped so far, and how can we help in the future?

“Y’all have just been there. There’s  so much that goes on outside of the café. But here there’s moral support, like y’all have just been there. That’s all we need is someone to just listen to us talk, just listen. Hug me and just be there. I really appreciate that.”

What gets you up in the morning? What drives you?

“My children. There’s so much that I wanna give them. So I have to do everything now so they can have everything. I want to give them everything my momma didn’t give me.”

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done here so far?

“The morning circle, because its bringing us all together. Even though we all come from different parts of the city, brings all of us together to discuss our morning. Like praise reports, good things, bad things, it doesn’t matter in the circle, we’re doing this together as one. I really like that.”