Class 5, 2017

Charmaine is one of our wonderful students from Class 5, 2017.

What’s your goal five years down the line?

“I would like to get my certificate from here. Then I would go to school, I really want to be an RN. But I wanted this trade to be under my belt, just in case. It’ll help during the process of becoming an RN too.”

What gets you up in the morning?

“What gets me up in the morning? Thinking that I have to do something for my son. Better my life for my son. Before that I wasn’t caring, you know? But after I had my child I was like, ‘I have to get up. I have to do this for you. Make your life better.’”

Why did you choose Café Reconcile?

“Café Reconcile has a name. People know Cafe Reconcile, and I feel like if I had Café Reconcile on my resume it would get me a lot of good jobs.”

What’s the best thing on the menu?

“The crawfish sauce.”