2015 Graduate, Kellogg Intern

Edward Kellogg Intern

Edward graduated from Cafe Reconcile in 2015. He currently works at the Palace Cafe and is also a Kellogg Program Intern here at Reconcile. Edward leads student life skills classes, organizes Word of the Day, and mentors and updates students on their progress during the program.

What brought you back to work for Reconcile?
“I was always told: Never forget where you come from. Show people love, the way they showed you love. Before I came here, nobody knew who I was. But Ms. Kathy, Mr. O, everyone welcomed me with open arms, they encouraged me.”

What’s surprised  you about working with the students so far?

“How much they take in what I say to them, how much they look up to me. I didn’t know that I had an impact on people like that until I started working here. I have a student that literally calls me every day, just to check in to say that he’s been working and doing well.  It makes me drive harder for more success to show other young people that we can do good.”

What’s one thing that you think people don’t know about Reconcile that they should?

“That they honestly care about you. Growing up you always hear “I’ll be there for you when you need me.” But when you need them they’re never around. But Reconcile has always been around. I’ve seen them around through the toughest parts of people’s lives. I can honestly say that I was living tough and they helped me out of a real bad situation.”

Best thing on the Menu?

“Red beans and gumbo.”