Class 1, 2018

Joe Class 1

Joe is one of our awesome students from Class 1, 2018

What gets you up in the morning everyday? What drives you?

“Jesus. He didn’t put me on this Earth for no reason. I feel like if He can push me forward to get up, not only can He push me but I can push myself to get up, come to work. Not just coming to work to make money, but because its what I love to do. I’m more comfortable, to succeed in life to move forward.”

Why did you pick Café Reconcile in particular?

“I was going to the NET Charter, I got referred…. A year later I graduated and I’m here. And I notice that the skills that they’re giving me are actually helpful. I notice that they’re considerate of everyone’s situation. So by me just getting my foot in the door and just staying through the program, I can succeed. Just them motivating me makes me want to go out and get a job, want to pursue something in life. Rather than being out here on the streets doing stuff I have no business in.”

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done since you’ve been here?

“The back of house. I love cooking, so the fry station, the sautee station. I feel like at every station I gained a skill that when I go to my own house I can make my own food and impress family. Not even family, just impress another group of people by the skills they’ve given me.”