Class 2, 2018

Mel, Class 2 2018

Melanie is one of our awesome students from Class 2, 2018!

What’s your goal 5 years down the line?

“My big goal for my future self is to create my own restaurant and open mic place. And its like a cool hang out for young adults and young teens to come and express themselves.”

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done so far, since you’ve been here?

“My favorite thing that I’ve done so far would be cashiering. Cause I get to work on multiple things rather than just serving customers. I can be answering the phone, taking to-go orders, the Uber Eats and everything. So it keeps my mind not just on one thing, keeps me busy.

What gets you up in the morning, what drives you?

“What drives me to get up and come to Café Reconcile every morning would be just knowing that I have friends here. I did not think that I was gonna make friends. They always come to me and they ask me: “Oh what’d you do last night? How are you doing?” and everything. And its just cool to have that energy, and every time I walk in the doors they’re just like “Mel!” and I’m like “Yo!” That drives me, just knowing that I can come here and be my best self.”

What’s one thing you think people should know about Cafe Reconcile?

“I think the best thing Café Reconcile does is they make this place seem like a safe place for people to come to. You don’t feel judged, you don’t feel shamed or anything. Everyone treats you with a fairness and its great that they do that.”

Best thing on the menu?

“Grilled Catfish with Crawfish Sauce, sweet potatoes and potato salad on the side.”