Mr. Alan, 


Mr. Alan Volunteer

Mr. Alan has been a volunteer here for the past 2 and a half years. He started volunteering with us after retiring from over 40 years in the restaurant industry. He’s tutored students in GED prep and currently helps mentor at Word of the Day. We’re thankful for his continued service!

What’s something people don’t realize about Cafe Reconcile?

“I think their best kept secret is the leadership team’s care and concern for young people. And one other thing is that the young people, even after they graduated or if they didn’t graduate, keep coming back. Even to just see other people, or talk to different people or meet with the leadership team on how they’re doing and how to make it better.”

How do you see the students change as they move through the program?

“Probably professionalism. Willing to listen, I think that’s a big change that they have. I think they’re often coming in with low expectations and they leave wanting to learn more. I think that’s very positive. And not just in the restaurant but in the life skills classes, I think they learn a lot and they’re excited to learn more.”

What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

Catfish with Crawfish Sauce