Ms. Pat, 

Dynamite Volunteer

Ms. Pat, Volunteer

Ms. Pat has been serving Cafe Reconcile for the past ten years, providing and arranging flowers for the café!

What’s your experience been like working here? 

“No one ever expected anything from me more than I could give. And maybe that’s why everyone’s so comfortable here. Even if you’ve got problems, all they ask is the best that you can give.”

What’s one of your best memories of being here?

“Sister Mary Lou, did I tell you about her dancing? She came out of her office, which used to be right back there. They served the food all along there. She came out of her office, and there was a young man, a student, standing in the aisle. They used to have a lot more students here at one time. It was far more casual. And she came out of her office snapping her fingers and she took his hand and they danced in the dining room and my heart stopped. It was so marvelous.”

What’s it like working with the students?

“It’s really amazing, when you go someplace and someone says “Ms. Pat, remember me?” I can’t believe that, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. I saw one of our students when I was by Elysian Fields. I was driving out and somebody went “Ms. Pat!” Its such a thrill that someone says hello to me in an unexpected place.”

What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

“The grilled catfish.”