Class 3, 2018

Terrione is one of our awesome students from Class 3, 2018!

What would you say is the biggest thing you’ve learned?

“I talked to Mr. O about it and I said my communication might be an issue. Like I wanted to better my people skills and the more I come here everyday they’re definitely improving. And I can see it for myself.”

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done so far since you’ve been here?

“Mr. O’s “Why Try?” classes. I think it was certain ones hit me the most when I listened to him talk. I feel like those were directly to me and I needed to pay attention more to those things. Then just, the whole staff, everybody is amazing in their own way. Also one of my most favorite things is when we come here in the morning and do the prayer circle, I love that so much. Also just being able to learn new things and branch out and do things that I never knew I was capable of doing.”

What’s your big goal for the future?

“I have a couple things I wanna do. But the main thing I really wanna get to is I wanna create an app. And I want to go over to Silicon Valley, which is where all our technology and apps and stuff like that is made, and then go to China eventually. But for the next five years, I’m gonna be a registered nurse….Y’know, do several different things, just challenge myself, see what I like more. As they say, a CEO has seven different sources of income. So that’s what I’m shooting for.”

Best thing on the menu?

“Glazed Salmon”