Are you looking for Hospitality Training and Job Placement?

Are you ready for a change? 

Cafe’ Reconcile’s paid workforce training program in Hospitality prepares young adults age 16 – 24 years old with the skills and support services any professional needs to be successful.

Our FREE training program includes:

  • Competitive stipend up to $3,000
  • Occupational skills training leading to industry-recognized credentials
  • Industry-specific uniforms
  • Daily meals
  • Career coaching and job placement
  • College prep and exploration
  • Support services (transportation, mental health counseling, child care assistance, housing assistance, legal aid, and healthcare navigation)

What will you learn?

  • Foundational life skills
  • Career preparation techniques
  • Occupational skills in Hospitality

Are you 18-24 years old? Have you been impacted by the criminal legal system? Connect to Cafe’ Reconcile to learn more.

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Life Skills Classes

Reconcile’s 8 week signature blend of Life Skills and Occupational skills training has evolved over the 16 years of the program’s existence to truly prepare our youth for success when they step into the workspace. Based on the best of local and national models as well as materials designed in-house by our Lifeskills team we train students to be more Independent and Resilient and therefore more Employable. By participating in the Reconcile Program young people decrease rule-breaking behaviors, improve self-concept and emotional health, increase resilience, and strengthen their interpersonal abilities and work readiness.  Digital and financial literacy skills are also introduced so that students have an email account, grow in knowledge of personal budgets and banking, and gain access to online employment resources and basic computer programs for the creation of résumés and education/career research.

Hands On Training

Our young people have the opportunity to implement and practice the lessons the have learned during the following four weeks of hands-on Occupational Skills Training Café Reconcile. Under the watchful gaze of our experienced team of professional kitchen and café floor instructors our youth rotate through every station in the front and back of the Café learning roles such as Busser, Runner, Server, Host, Dish, Salad, Prep and Fry station preparing them for their future career. The majority of our Café Trainers are graduates of the program and they enjoy coaching and mentoring our youth on a daily basis.

Employment & Education

With a new set of marketable skills, students have the opportunity to interview for three-week paid Internship or seek employment with one of Reconcile’s employment partners. Students without a high school diploma are referred to local HiSET programs and given space and support to work on their learning goals.  Through our partnership with Delgado Community College, Alumni have the opportunity to receive a Cafe Reconcile Scholarship after successfully completing their first semester.

Once students are matched with internships/employment, students and their employers work with Reconcile’s Employment and Education Manager and Alumni Coordinator who provides 12 months of follow-up support to help students and employment partners successfully manage students’ transitions. They are also invited to join Reconcile’s growing Alumni network and have the opportunity to serve on the Reconcile Alumni Council giving back to the community.