Reconcile’s mission helps young adults have the opportunity to participate in a free paid workforce training program that prepares them with the skills and support services any professional needs to be successful. Terrance walked through Reconcile doors bursting with confidence.  He was eager to expound on his skillsets and learn new abilities while determining his path to success.

“When I arrived at Reconcile, I was anxious to see how this program was going to support my dreams. I quickly learned that being open to feedback from the Trainer Advocates and the skills they offered was going to change my life for the better.” – Terrance

Finding a career path takes time and patience. Reconcile provides Interns with a safe space to receive guidance and support.  This helps them to determine the route in life that fits them. Terrance used his time at Reconcile to obtain industry-recognized credentials and an externship that would lead into fulltime employment.

“Reconcile is more than just an Internship for me. It’s the place where my life began to transform. I started my externship at Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans. After graduating from Reconcile’s program, I was offered a job at Four Seasons. Now it’s a career for me because I’ve been promoted to a full-time position. – Terrance

Reconcile Alumni are making a difference in their workplace and in our community. When you invest into Reconcile by dining in the café or donating to support Reconcile’s mission, you are helping to build young adults into becoming successful young professionals.