Reconcile is a safe space for young adults that provides the fuel to inspire the next generation of professionals. Chase sees Reconcile as a place that will help him reach his personal and professional goals. 

“What I like about Reconcile is that it’s not just a place for those who are on a culinary journey. There is something for anyone my age to learn and apply to their career. 


Reconcile’s Workforce Development Program offers young adults working towards professional dreams the opportunity to try new skills, flex muscles, and grow. Reconcile helps provides Interns with the following:

Competitive Stipend to earn as you learn

Occupational Skills Training 

Training After Graduation

Daily Meals


At Reconcile, Interns have a willingness to enhance their professional skillsets. Every time you dine in the cafe or donate, you make it possible for Interns to take what they are learning in the classroom and apply it in real-world applications.

“I’m looking forward to finishing what I started at Reconcile. After completing my journey at Reconcile, I want to attend college and major in Engineering. My hope is to one day become a Nuclear Engineer.

– Chase