Reconcile Launches “Now, More Than Ever” Campaign

Now more than ever, Reconcile Alumni need your help.

For the first time in our 20-year history, we are facing an unprecedented hurdle – our Café is closed, our program work is being offered remotely, and the industry where our young people were employed has been completely shuttered. 

These young people need your help to continue to build a path to self-sufficiency, support their family, and chase their dreams, and they need it now.

This week, many of our young people will receive their last paycheck for quite some time. In just one week our Program Hotline has made 340 touches with our young people searching for help to navigate these unprecedented times.

Each day, they live paycheck to paycheck, support family members, and try their best to build their futures.

Today, they are talking about being scared, isolated, and confused while trying to navigate the myriad of complicated resources that are available.

These are scary times, but as long as our young people need us, Reconcile will be there for them.

You – our Reconcile family – can make sure we care for these young people when they need us most.

Reconcile’s Client Assistance Fund provides essential resources to help our young people bridge life’s gaps in difficult times like these. A gift from you today will support Reconcile’s program team to do the work that ensures our young people’s well-being.  What will your gift provide?

·       Wellness and crisis check-in sessions with our full-time Mental Health Manager

·       Connections to crisis counselors

·       Help navigating and filing unemployment forms with our Youth Advocates

·       Individual financial assistance when other community resources are not available

Most importantly, Reconcile’s Client Assistance Fund ensures that our young people always know someone is there for them.

We can’t do it without you. Your help is critical to their stability and well-being. Can we count on you? DONATE NOW.