A Reconcile Internship allows young adults to have a safe space to find their passion. Interns have the tools and resources that make their internship an exceptional experience – one that prepares them for their future career. While at Reconcile proper equipment, training materials, and much more are provided so Interns feel confident as they grow into young professionals.  

“I really enjoyed learning knife skills at Reconcile. Now those skills are helping me at my new job.”

At Reconcile, Interns are connected with employers that resemble their career field. Recent summer graduate, Reggie has started his professional journey with an Externship at local restaurant Sneaky Pickle, an Employment Partner of Reconcile. During his Externship, Reggie worked side-by-side the team at Sneaky Pickle refining his skills, helping them run service, and still receiving continued support from Reconcile at the same time.  

“I kept coming to Reconcile to learn new things like coping skills and techniques for preparing food. The Trainer Advocates motivated me to learn more and want more from life.” – Reggie

All that hard work paid off. At the conclusion of his Externship, Sneaky Pickle offered Reggie a full-time job making him a member of the team. 

Every day, Reconcile Interns are growing and thriving. Congratulations Reggie on your new start to your career at Sneaky Pickle!