Take a Leap of Faith with DJ

Recently, DJ took the biggest leap an Intern can make – from Tier 1 to Tier 2.

“Wow, my first day in Tier 2 was overwhelming,” he said, “unless you’re used to change.”

For many of the young people who you support, change is hard. They’re not used to change. In some cases, Reconcile is the biggest change they’ve made in their young adult life.

“Meeting new people, especially older people, can be hard, too. But then you realize that you have to come here every day and put in the time and effort, because so do they [the staff].”

Grounded in increasing skills, professional development, real-world experience, and independence, our new tiered program approach delivers an expanded, holistic training, and support system to ensure graduates exit the program with skills for life and work and continues to offer those same support services for them after they leave. You inspire our Staff and Interns to connect with each other on a caring, professional level. Take Simone Burrell (Culinary Arts Training Manager) and Delvin Davis (Trainer Advocate), for example.

“Chef Simone and Chef Delvin have made a huge impact. Chef Simone pushes me to learn more because she knows I can. And Chef Delvin, he’s funny and easy to get along with, but he’s strict when he needs to make an important point.” – DJ

By supporting Reconcile, you create opportunities for DJ to plan out short-term and long-term goals. You inspire Interns like DJ to seek out education and the next steps toward a career.

Will you take a leap of faith for Interns like DJ?