The Opportunity of a Lifetime

four young people are receiving the opportunity of a lifetime.

Because of your support and desire to help young people achieve their potential, the Reconcile COVID Class of 2020 has the resources needed to live, learn, and grow.

“The people I’ve worked with before have never been as patient as Ms. Simone,” Jasmin added.

This week our 2020 Class 2 Interns were in action on the Café floor for the first time since March! Interns have adjusted to our new hybrid training model and are working from home on Tuesday and Thursday. Each Monday and Wednesday, they will spend their mornings learning culinary and service skills face to face, while maintaining a safe social distance with guests and the Café team.

New Interns like Jasmin and Chris are setting a precedent for the young people that will follow in their footsteps — never giving up and taking advantage of the opportunities in front of them.

You gave them this opportunity.

Young people need our help today. Dreams don’t just disappear because there is a pandemic. With your help, Reconcile Interns can show up to say,  “I’m willing to learn and ready to work.”

Will you be there for them?  

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