Refuge: noun – a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.

Every day Café Reconcile’s doors open at 7 AM to offer Interns and Alumni their place of REFUGE. It’s a place to start over, or start anew. Or, maybe it’s a place to feel safe and supported.

But they can’t show up, walk through those doors, and find REFUGE without your help.

Your donation provides essential services that support our young people, helping them to feel safe:

  • Finding decent, affordable housing
  • Accessing food security resources
  • Solving legal complications that have trapped them from employment

That’s why we need YOU. We need you to continue building bridges of support so that the next cohort of young people, who turn to us in need, can believe that Reconcile is a REFUGE for them, too.

A recent national news piece featuring Reconcile’s story captures our message of REFUGE well. Check it out HERE.

And to continue these critical services for our young people, send your 2019 year end gift to Reconcile today.

 *News story produced by Maya Rodriguez / E.W. Scripps Television Stations.