To Teach, One Must Learn

In order to teach, one must first learn.

Dorian, a 2019 Alumnus, is a perfect example. At the start of 2019, he realized that he needed more guidance and worked hard everyday to find it. Upon completing an Intern application, he found that guidance in Café Reconcile. 

Eight weeks later, he found more than just guidance. He gained confidence, improved communication skills, and learned the importance of punctuality.

A few months later, Dorian realized the Reconcile Intern application was simply the first of many applications that he would fill out over the next few years. His second application—to teach at Pierre A. Capdau Charter School in New Orleans—led to an interview. And so his journey continues. 

Dorian recently stopped by the Café to celebrate his new job teaching at Capdau Charter School. He met with us to share his story and express how the confidence he gained at Reconcile helps him every time he teaches young people, although during the pandemic he finds himself behind a laptop more than in front a classroom of students. 

“I do preach [to my students] some of the rules from Reconcile,” Dorian said. “Especially being on time, because I used to be late when I was younger. My advice to my students and the current Reconcile Interns is to be grateful for the staff.”


Dorian took advantage of gift card and meal distribution events that helped Alumni bridge the gap formed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He considers Reconcile to be a resource that lasts forever.

You provide the resources that help our young people succeed. The tools we use—laptops, projectors, notebooks, desks, and many other basic learning materials—are not taken for granted. You help fund the weekly text messages sent to our Alumni. These texts alert Alumni of job opportunities, training workshops, and financial aid.

Thanks to you, Alumni can bounce back into work and use their Reconcile experience to help others learn, grow, and chase dreams. 

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