What Is the Secret Ingredient?

Reconcile Alumni, Rendell (left) and Delvin (right), work with the Zony Mash team.

From Emeril’s Delmonico to Hyatt Regency New Orleans, to the New York City International Culinary Center until landing a key position at NOPSI Hotel and opening his own catering company – Delvin has always been pursuing his professional dreams. But all that has been put on pause due to the pandemic. Delvin will never give up on chasing his dreams. And he can do that because you never give up on Reconcile and the work that help Alumni like Delvin.

Last week, Delvin put his creative talents back to use helping Reconcile and the ZONY MASH BEER PROJECT kick off an important partnership that will create a dynamic synergy, an important dialogue, and a delicious, new stout beer.

Reconcile and Zony Mash have paired up as part of the BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL campaign to brew a unique stout, infused with a special Reconcile secret ingredient. The goal? Brew a beer that starts conversations about the importance of racial equity both in our community as well as to OUR YOUNG PEOPLE. This special collaboration also gave two Reconcile Alumni (pictured: Rendell and Delvin) the opportunity to learn about the brewing industry by working alongside the Zony Mash team to create this special brew.    

“I experienced a lot of things that would have never been possible without Reconcile,” Delvin told us. “I prepared meals with Reconcile Chefs at a Miss America pageant. I cooked at Essence Fest. And now, I have the Zony Mash experience on my resume. I know the brewing process. I have skills that can be transferred to a wide range of industries as I continue to look for a stable job.”

Zony Mash and Reconcile’s “Black is Beautiful” Imperial Stout infused with our secret ingredient will be available for purchase in a few weeks. Be on the look out for future updates on when and where you can purchase. All proceeds will benefit Reconcile’s young people like Delvin and Rendell as they continue to receive services and navigate these uncertain times. 

These partnerships and the continued remote case management supporting Reconcile’s Alumni are made possible thanks to your support! Your contributions ensure Delvin, Rendell, and other Alumni have someone to turn to, client assistance grants to bridge financial gaps, and continued professional development experiences like the one with Zony Mash. 

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