You Helped Fred, But Fred is One of Many

BECAUSE OF YOU, Reconcile graduate Fred Smooth is surviving the COVID-19 pandemic.

In February, FRED SMOOTH earned the “Legacy of Service” Award from The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Fred was acknowledged for his hard work and commitment just two months after he was hired as a runner/busser, and he quickly worked his way up to full-time server.

When we introduced you to Fred in March, he was unemployed and trying to support his family. The father of a 2-year-old girl, Fred received gift cards Reconcile distributed at the start of the pandemic. These helped with immediate needs such as food, diapers, and other necessities for his baby girl. Today, Fred is still unemployed, but a new job opportunity just became available to him. Besides pursuing interests in electronic arts, gaming, and online sales, Fred landed an interview for a position in mortgage lending as a business development associate. The most humbling part of Fred’s story can be seen in the video below…

Fred is successfully managing the harsh reality of today, both financially and emotionally. He applied Reconcile’s budgeting workshops and money-saving techniques to everyday life, he put to good use the lessons he learned as a student of Reconcile, and he started disciplining himself long before the pandemic. We can’t wait to update you on Fred’s pending job interview, but even if it doesn’t come through, Fred will manage. He is a confident young man with a glass-half-full attitude.

But many of our alumni are still struggling to make ends meet after not having worked for over four months. In a tight job market, they worry about their children going to bed on an empty stomach. With unemployment benefits being suspended, we turn to you for help.

Gifts from donors like you help bridge the gap. Your gift funds budgeting workshops and client assistance grants, that helped Fred further along his path, so that other Alumni can manage this reality, too.  We need your help to support them in the battle of survival.

With your help, our young people can get back to pursuing dreams.