Zooming In on Mindfulness

This is one of the conversations Reconcile’s support service specialist Caroline O’Connell had with our young people during Tuesday’s Zoom Alumni Workshop – refresher courses on skills designed to restart our Alumni’s professional lives or stabilize and support their personal lives. 

Tools like Mindfulness relieve stress and teach mental health practices, helping our young people stay grounded and pursue their passions. Reconcile’s Mindfulness programming began in 2018 with an initiative to create a Trauma Informed Care culture. For Alumni with adverse and traumatic experiences in their past, Mindfulness Workshops assist Alumni with bodily awareness, emotional regulation, pain management and relief, and in alleviating PTSD symptoms.

As a result of participating in this training, the one new thing moving forward I will try to use is the different techniques of actively listening and giving facts during conflicts,” remarked one Alumnus.

Your support has helped create new digital and virtual content, delivering workshops that keep Reconcile Alumni safe and stable during the pandemic. With your help, virtual seminars are offering safe spaces for Alumni to open up and share their thoughts. Here are some of the discussions they said we could share with you:

  • The pandemic has created a shift in our normal lives, causing instability.
  • The quarantine state of mind is having three solid days where you feel well-adjusted, followed by a sudden, unexpected dip that causes anxiety, a semi-agitated state that leaves you feeling “off.”
  • Those “all over the place” feelings you’ve been having? They are symptoms of stress, NOT personal failures.
  • TIRED EASILY? That’s because your brain is burning energy 10 times faster than usual. You will not be on this roller-coaster forever. Be patient.

You are helping Alumni slow down the roller-coaster of emotions they ride every day. Thank you for showing up and being there for them. It’s your prayers, love, and support that keep our Reconcile Family strong and together.